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- About The Brand -

Who is Cutie Pie Essentials

Good hair is defined as healthy hair.- Jenise Mills


Cutie Pie Essentials is a hair care company that caters holistically  to healthier hair with the use of natural and organic ingredients. We pride  ourselves on bringing change to the hair industry.

 Founded in 2013, we have grown through challenges and accomplishments placing us in a present state of total gratitude. 

Our hair care products are 100% natural-absolutely NO petroleum, mineral oil, alcohol, parabens, sulfate or silicone. Our product  consists of ingredients that  nourish and replenish moisture from inside out of each strand. 

Our styling products are efficient and are all gently to your hair strands.

Currently we offer 5 products and 1 collection an intend to increase in the near future. See here.

In 2020 we officially became product of Meraki Hair Clinic.

Our commitment


To provide natural hair care products  to women and men around the world,  enlightening them on how important natural elements around us are beneficial to healthy hair growth.

Our Vision:

Becoming a worldwide hair care and lifestyle brand that inspires everyone to express there natural beauty and impress people everywhere.

Meet our product creator and CEO

If you simply care for your hair you will definitely know how challenging it is to find  products that moisturizes, strengthens and grows your hair. This was the exact  challenge that our CEO and Product Creator Jenise Mills experienced when she decided to whip her self up some Shea butter, in her small apartment kitchen.


You may think , why didn't she just go to a hair store and grab some products?!  In Dominica and within the natural hair industry, the options were limited and she wanted to create something that would become a life saver to many. Never would she have imagined that her now improved mixture would be a go to for natural hair women in her home and residing country available in three variations.

In 2012 when her home , Dominica was not too aware of the natural hair movement, she was determined to change that. Though the stigma against wearing your natural hair out was still dominant , she vowed to be different in her approach and research all natural ways to care her hair. She aimed to use and promote as much as possible,  chemical free products at all times.


With little experience in the product making business she started creating ,using and selling her mixture as Jenise Weaving Services Whipped Shea butter in her in home salon. In 2014 when she moved to the British Virgin Islands, with more experience and knowledge , she penciled down  a strict formula and re-branded it officially as Cutie Pie Essentials. Now she has created over 10 products.

The name Cutie Pie for Ms. Mills comes from her wig/unit making business Ain't She Cute Wigs . She saw not just the need to care hair while wearing it in the open but also under ones wigs/units.  Thus Cutie Pie Essentials - "The Power Of Nature" was launched.

Jenise is now popularly known as "Jenise Mills Hair Care Guru & Stylist" . She is a certified Hair Loss Specialist , Wig Architect, Natural Hair influencer aspiring Trichologist and stylist . Learn more about Jenise Mills

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